SEPTEMBER 06, 2019

Shelburne Farms Family Session | Ashley & Family

Family sessions are always some of my favorite shoots, especially when the families are super tight-knit. Ashley's family isn't in the same place very often, so I was incredibly excited that she reached out to me and asked me to spend part of an afternoon with her, her son, her mother, her sister, and her nephew as they all explored Shelburne Farms together. The fall evening was gorgeous - the Golden Hour never fails to provide some magical lighting and warm things up a bit.

We walked around looking at the animals and taking in the fresh air, eventually making our way over to the lakeside by the Inn. It was wonderful to see how warm and comforting this family unit were with one another as we spoke of our varying Mommy experiences. As a mother to a little boy myself, I was especially smitten with the littlest member of the family as he fawned over his Grandma and picked up so many rocks, excited to show everyone everything he discovered. The magic that tiny human experience is so entertaining to capture through my lens. My cheeks were hurting from how much I smiled during this entire session. I'm so glad that Ashley asked me to tag along and capture some intimate moments between some special family members, and I appreciated every moment of it.


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