DECEMBER 09, 2019

Winooski, Vermont Maternity Photos | Paige & Phillip

Winooski, Vermont is a one-square mile little town right outside of the popular tourist destination of Burlington. During our pre-session discussions, it was made very obvious to me that the fondness that Paige and Phillip have for this small, bustling community touches them deeply and has played a substantial role in their relationship with one another. So, we just happened to end up choosing the chilliest day of the winter thus far (18 degrees Fahrenheit) to dress in our warmest layers and romp around the more developed part of the town right before Christmas.

During our session, they informed me that they, for a while, had not considered taking photos of their pregnancy. However, upon talking with me, Paige realized that she wanted to remember the little moments with her husband later on, after life picks up and gets busier once their little one arrives. I felt my heart grow and melt a little with every glance these two gave each other throughout the afternoon. The clincher for me was their sense of humor, both individually and combined. Their ability to joke around with each other and lovingly pick on themselves made this session so wonderful to capture.

We ended up taking photos in front of some of the area's most popular and historic buildings and businesses, including the long-established Diner, Sneakers, the Champlain Mill, Our House, Misery Loves Co., Scout Coffee, and found ourselves wandering into a newer store called Birdfolk Collective - a beautiful little shop stocked full of work featuring local artists and craftsmen/women. I watched them thoughtfully browse through clothing and burp cloths in the children's section, laugh at incredible cards on the opposite wall, and consider home goods that made them crack up. I could not have asked for a better couple to wander with and I am so excited for them to welcome a new life into this chaotic world.


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