JANUARY 11, 2019

Oakledge Park Boudoir & Portrait Photos | B

It's not a surprising fact that many of us who reside here in Vermont experience a mood shift once the weather gets consistently gray and cold during the winter season. Once the calendar moves into January and February, the temperatures generally drop significantly and remain bitter until the Spring thaw comes around in April. Luckily for us, we had a very brief reprieve before sliding into the coldest part of the year - we almost hit 60 degrees Fahrenheit, which obviously resulted in hoards of people filling up public spaces outdoors to soak it in. B and I decided to take advantage of this warmer weather and adventured to Oakledge Park in Burlington, playing with movement, pops of color, and allowing her to reconnect with nature once more this season.

I've found myself capturing images recently that push the boundaries of the strict expectations most of the country has placed on exposing the nude human body in various ways. Although it wasn't previously a conscious effort, I've now committed myself to representing the different ways in which everyday human beings experience and express their sensuality - whether that includes nudity or not. Shifting the gaze and focus from inherently viewing the naked body (or parts of a naked body) as sexual, to viewing it as sensual, loving, and special is such an important undertaking for me. These images, although censored at the request of the subject, express a sense of intimacy, empowerment, and connection that filled her to the brim with a feeling of fulfillment and self-love that was incredible to witness. My hope is that more people will begin to shift their view of the human body, especially those that feature breasts and vaginas, away from the dangerous stimgas perpetuated by Purity Culture and toward a more safe, accepting one.


Thank you to B, who is oftentimes one of my muses, in addition to one of my closest comrades and sister-in-arms, for allowing me to observe and capture these captivating images. It's a privilege to know that you feel safe and accepted in front of my lens, no matter what kind of photos we take.


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