JANUARY 14, 2020

Burlington, Vermont Boudoir Session | Ian

A lot of what I spend my time studying right now revolves around sexuality and how our culture here in the United States perceives it. Too often, people are shamed for expressing their sensitive or sensual characteristics, especially when it comes to men expressing their emotions. Luckily, I have surrounded myself with men who aren't afraid to engage with the world and people around them in ways that challenge these unhealthy and downright toxic masculinity norms. Since I'm raising a little boy myself, it's important to me that he has men he can look up to that encourage him to embrace everything about himself - and that being physically strong and aggressive isn't the only way of being a "real man."

Ian was lovely and allowed me to capture some of the intimate time he spends on self-care and self-love, which was beautiful to witness. Complete with candles, good beer, incense, sage, and essential oils, this was an incredibly relaxing session for myself as well! I find that it's just as important to showcase men in similar ways that we showcase the sensuality of women, so this "dudoir" session, as I've come to learn it's typically referred to as, was very engaging with some conversation around breaking down the walls of social gender norms. After enjoying some me-time, Ian snuggled up in his fluffy robe with his main girl, Sophia, to soak in the good vibes and pass on the love. There is nothing like the love between a man and his cat.


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