JANUARY 21, 2020

Boudoir Session  | Melanie & Sophia

I really love boudoir sessions. As an asexual person, nude bodies aren't inherently sexual to me, which I believe allows me to view them more artistically than many people. I get so much happiness out of seeing other humans love each other and themselves, and boudoir is a special way to open yourself up to that! During this session, I was asked to protect the privacy of the two women I worked with, so I shot a bit differently than I naturally would have. It was a very welcome challenge that resulted in some stunning images of love, a little lust, passion, and tenderness. It was a nippy winter afternoon by the lake, so we braved a building without heat to capture the two lovers getting snuggly and heating things up a bit. Seeing both of them come out of their shells individually and with one another over the course of the afternoon was rewarding and inspiring.


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